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I can only assume that I am liable for any damage while on a test drive.Your Certificate of Automobile Insurance: lists the vehicles that are insured lists the coverages purchased, including any optional coverages you have selected provides a description of how you were rated for the premiums charged, and indicates the period during which you are covered by insurance.If an insurance company refuses to sell you an insurance policy, or to renew your policy, the company must advise you in writing of which rule (or rules) it has used to deny coverage to you.The Facility Association, an insurance pool that all auto insurance companies belong to, is an insurer of last resort, which makes auto insurance available to high-risk drivers who are unable to find automobile insurance in the regular market.Get auto insurance that delivers the savings, coverage and service you need to feel protected while you drive.

If you are unable to report within seven days, you must report it as soon as possible after the accident.Nonowner car insurance protects you if you have no car but would like to drive occasionally.Service: When making your insurance purchasing decision remember, it is not always wise to buy the cheapest insurance policy you can find.Do I have to get auto insurance if my car just sits in the garage.

This provision is limited to one minor accident every three years.

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There are six things you should think about when selecting your agent, broker or insurance company.Most life insurance companies will not provide coverage if the person seeking to get insured is aware that he or.The following information is designed to help you understand your auto insurance policy and all the various parts that make up your coverage, and to help you in purchase the insurance coverage that best meets your needs.Drive Other Car insurance can provide protection for the executive of a Partnership or Corporation or their spouse when driving a non-owned vehicle, such as a vehicle.

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Underwriting rules that do not comply with the Insurance Act or the regulations, such as those which are contrary to public policy, are prohibited.You may instead want to have the new policy start once your existing policy expires.You May Need Nonowner Car Insurance. Ramsey says the insurance will cover you in any car you drive during the policy period.Insurance brokers sell insurance on behalf of a number of different insurance companies and will find you the best rate just from those companies.If you do not have a copy of your Ontario Auto Policy, you may ask your insurance agent, broker, or company representative for a copy, or download a copy of the standard policy from our website.If you have children you need to consider who will look after them if you are injured in an auto accident.To find out if your insurance agent or insurance company is licensed to do business in the province, visit the Financial Services Commission of Ontario website.

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Please break down the premium costs to me for each optional coverage I have selected or receive as part of my standard auto policy.

I know when I bought my new car about 5 months ago I called my insurance and asked what to do because I was.Increasing Your Liability and Accident Benefits Coverage Extra Coverage for Loss or Damage to Your Vehicle Optional Policy Endorsements Exclusions in Standard Auto Policy What are Underwriting Rules.

Family Protection Coverage (OPCF 44R): This coverage protects you, or an eligible member of your family, to the same limits as your Third-Party Liability coverage if you are involved in an automobile accident where you are not at fault, with someone who carries less insurance, no insurance, or is an unidentified driver (e.g., hit and run).All Perils Coverage: This combines Collision or Upset and Comprehensive coverages.Minor injuries may only require a few thousand dollars in treatment.If these conditions are not met, then you can make a claim on your optional Collision coverage (if you have it), whether or not you are at fault.

Keep in mind that many health care expenses are not covered by OHIP, or only partially covered, including physiotherapy and chiropractic treatment, mobility devices (crutches, wheelchairs), modifications to your home and car that you may require, and other specialized goods and services.There are several ways to find an insurance agent, broker, or direct writer: Ask family and friends if they would recommend their own broker, agent, insurance company, or direct writer.

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