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At its heart, your policy probably contains a few basic types of coverage.Some insurance companies offer discounts for taking safe-driving courses.I read for example, that if you have a maid or a dog walker, you should have an Umbrella policy in case they get injured on the job.There is a reason some company charge a little extra for what they provide.Major liability for injuries if you hit someone in one of these.

My father was seriously hurt (and his car destroyed) in a car accident caused by an uninsured driver.Also, remember that to help you get your best rate, Progressive factors in any auto insurance discounts that apply to you.Once your car insurance claim has been filed and a determination has been.

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Thankfully, in both instances we had uninsured motorist coverage.I would have to get antique insurance which would have been much more expensive.And of course the more assets you have the higher the limits you need.

Also if you have special environmental hazards like the other Tammy (suicidal deer) you might want collision.Find out how an auto claim affects your auto insurance policy. Car accidents happen, even to the best drivers.But my assets have recently had a growth spurt (due to tragedy and unrelated to salary), so this might be something to consider.

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I have faith in my used car choices, because I pick them based on Consumer Reports.

GRS is committed to helping our readers save and achieve their financial goals.Insurance companies charge you based on how likely you are to file a claim — and accidents are the biggest source of claims.Our reasoning is that these still have pretty good trade-in value.One warning about checking other auto insurance: some companies perform credit checks, and multiple inquiries will appear if you check with several credits that perform these credit inquiries.Contact the bank for the terms and conditions that may apply to you.Also, I believe our autopay lets us pay monthly for no additional cost.To avoid that fee, pay every six months or even once a year, if possible.This sucks, I know, but parts of your credit history have been found to correlate to what the company has to pay out.The company I worked for offered roughly a 20% discount for having less than 2 points and most other major companies do the same.

I could not get comprehensive insurance on it because it was too old.I had no idea it would be reflected on my insurance and affect my future payments.There is a lot of competition in the auto insurance business.Whereas some types of insurance,. do not need medical payments coverage on your auto.There are other charges a rental company can hit you for, such as loss of use of the vehicle.

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In short, you need car insurance to protect your car, yourself and your passengers.If you cause a car accident, your liability insurance will pay for the damage you do to the.

Until reading this article today, I had only heard of them as a whisper on the wind.

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Find out how to determine your car insurance needs. of an auto accident.On the Progressive insurance site I found this QA entry about credit scores for policy renewal.Protect your car against damage caused by hitting an animal or other events, like theft or a fire.Credit scores: The use of credit scores and credit reports is going to be regulated by state laws.

Auto Insurance Claims:. and how to make it work. are the result of a car accident.Cars take the joy out of life and the money out of your bank account.

Do I need auto insurance?. percentage if the case is settled before the lawyer does all the work necessary to go...

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However, add me to the list of those who love the peace of mind of roadside assistance.Similar to the 1970 AMC Gremlin, I have a 1973 Ford F100 pick up truck.This compensation may impact how and where products appear on this site (including, for example, the order in which they appear).Most insurance companies now look at parts of your credit report to determine your premiums.Also, a friend of mine told me to max out my PIP after his accident.Your driving record is the one of biggest factors when determining rates.

For those of you all gung ho on towing through your towing insurance, you might want to confirm the rules for your state.Earlier that year, my old car had broken down and I had it towed.Insurance companies evaluate a variety of things when they calculate your rate, from your driving record to where you live and how many miles you drive on average.

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